Wednesday, July 25, 2007

2005 Sea Smoke Southing

Received these off the mailing list about a month ago, and can't resist the urge anymore to pop one. I know it's nowhere near ready to drink yet, but there's 3 more that we'll cellar until 2010 plus, so why not? Opened and decanted for 3 hours. Gorgeous plum/ruby in the decanter and glass. Nose of black cherry, raspberry, blueberry, and a hint of spice and oak. On the palate more strawberry prevalent than anything, with some spice and wood. The finish on this bottle lasted a good 30 seconds, and the tannins definitely need some time to settle down, and the oak needs time to integrate. This wine definitely very young, but I just couldn't resist. This is a big wine, and I look forward to revisiting it in 3-5 years. All in all, currently rated at 91 points, with 94-95 points possible with time in the bottle. If drinking now, be sure to decant at least 2 hours. We'll hold these until our 2010 allocation comes in. As always, Sea Smoke is a must buy for us! Cheers!

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