Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tiger Noodles - Princeton, NJ

It's been a long time since we have visited Tiger Noodles, so after a night of running errands, it seemed like a great place to stop for a quick bite. We had a great view on the outside patio of Nassau Street, and the entire patio was packed to the gills with diners enjoying wines they brought, as well as college students with 6 packs on the table. Unfortunately we for us, I didn't bring a bottle of wine as I didn't know we'd be eating there, but I wasn't really in the mood for a cocktail anyway. There is however a liquor store right next door, as well as another within walking distance, but we opted to go without the vino tonight. Lots of diners out in their gorgeous courtyard, and it was a great night to sit out. Service was fast, and that is always a good thing, but you can tell they are all about turning tables...smart thinking! We started off with 2 orders of vegetable spring rolls, and they came out within minutes, and were scorching hot out of the fryer. A nice egg roll wrapper with crisp veggies made these a pleasure to eat. For entrees, Zelda opted for the General Tso chicken, and this had a nice crisp coating to it, with a delicious sauce, with fresh peppers abundant. I opted for the Kung Pao Chicken, which had nice little bits of chicken, green and red peppers, peanuts, and chili's. This too was good. This is fast Chinese food at its best, but it did hit the spot tonight. It's not truly authentic, and it's not to die for, but it's good when you're in a pinch and hungry!

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Rajiv said...

I would like to add that their rice is among the best in town. I had dinner at PF Changs in Marketfair with my dad yesterday, and the rice was far from par. A little dry, a little under-done, not very sticky, and bland. :)