Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cheesetique (Shirlington location) - Arlington, VA

Today I really wasn’t all that hungry and was just craving a little snack.  I figured a little cheese and chacuterie plate from Cheesetique in Delray would be perfect.  Unfortunately, I got over to the Delray location only to find that they close at 6PM on Sunday.  Yes, I know….hence the reason you should always call first.  But even so, this gave me an excuse to check out this area called “Shirlington” that borders Arlington, as Cheesetique has a location there as well.

Shirlington definitely has some buzz, with a bunch of restaurants and bars crammed into a little 2 block area.  All of the restaurants here have outdoor seating, and at 7PM on a Sunday night, I didn’t see many open seats at any of the restaurants outside.  Great night for a little dinner on the veranda.

I popped into the bar and grab a stool there.  There was just one other gentleman sitting at the bar, and a few tables here and there seated inside the restaurant.  Bartenders name was Mark, and I ordered a glass of Cotes du Rhone.  Nothing crazy or over the top, and a decent glass of wine.  Was it worth $9?  Given the markup in restaurants in this area, sure.

From the menu tonight I went with the Select 5 board, meaning I pick a combination of 5 cheeses and meats.  My choices were the Lomo, Soppressata, and Creminelli Barolo for my meats.  All of them had different characteristics, and I wish I could tell you which was which in the picture, but for the life of me I can’t remember.  The one in the bottom left was a harder meat, where the one on the top center was a nice prosciutto style, and the one on the right was nice and soft with some good smokiness to it.  I’d order these same 3 again in a heartbeat.

For cheeses I went with the Beemster, which too was nice and smokey, and had a nice firm crumble to it.  This was extremely enjoyable.  For an old standby, I went with a Young Manchego, and as always, I really love this cheese!  Can you go wrong with Manchego?  I don't think so!

Accoutrement's with the board was some fresh baked bread from Lyon Bakery, New York flatbreads, membrillo, cornichons, grapes, a nice grainy mustard, and a jelly like substance. 

In short, quality products and good service from Mark behind the bar.  This area has a nice buzz, and I will definitely be back in the future.  Next stop will be the Carlyle I think!  Cheers!

Cheesetique - Shirlington
4056 Campbell Avenue
Arlington, VA  22206
Phone:  (703)933-8787

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