Thursday, December 11, 2008

1997 Kistler Pinot Noir Kistler Vineyard

I know, it has been forever since I have put an update on here. Sorry, super busy as of late, but these wines deserve some notes! Opened with friends tonight and this wine was gorgeous. I cannot possibly imagine this wine getting any better at this point, but I assume anything is possible. Great dark ruby in the glass, showing some nice age and maturity.Gorgeous nose of cherry and strawberries, with a tad of earth. This nose on this wine was incredible, yet in a subdued, Burgundian style. On the palate, this was definitely not your new world, fruit forward pinot noir. Very nice strawberry, cherry, with hints of plum and spice, with a hint of black cherry and cola. Nice 30 second plus, silky smooth and creamy finish! Incredible wine, and right there for my runner up for my wine of the year! 94 points....Cheers.

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