Sunday, August 30, 2009

2007 Thompson Street Pinot Noir "Posse"

This wine has really come a long way with just a mere 5 months in the bottle. Enjoyed this today with neighbors, and was shocked. We're still sitting on several cases of this juice, letting it rest in the cellar before popping one. From drinking today, I don't know how much longer I'll be able to resist. This truly is a nice drinker. The alcohol has totally blown off of this wine, which is a bit surprising. From the nose, there are no hints of alcohol whatsoever, and it has integrated nicely(14%).
Again, this is not your Santa Barbara County, fruit forward pinot. This is a much more subdued, floral pinot from the Santa Cruz Mountain Region. On the nose, some strawberry and cherry, and a very floral bouquet are prevelant. Hints of spice and vanilla round out the bouquet, making it very pleasant.

On the palate, there is still a bit of acidity, but what do you expect for a wine that has only been in the bottle for 5 months? This wine is very light to medium bodied, with a creamy/velvety texture. Lots of strawberry on the front and mid palate, with hints of oak, vanilla, spice, and even a hint of baking spice and cinnamon. The finish, although far from perfect, gives off hints of cranberry and strawberry, with a touch of acidity. All in all, for a first offering, this is a damn tasty wine, and one hell of a daily drinker/QPR.

We'll pop into one of ours around Christmas time with the in-laws and brother and sister in-law. Fine juice, coming around nicely, but not nearly as Burgundian as when we tasted this prior to bottling. Interesting, but darn tasty!  This will develope nicely for 3-5 years easily!

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