Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bordentown Farmers Market 2009

What a great job the city commissioners have done to get a Farmer's Market started every Wednesday in Bordentown City, NJ!
At first, I have to say that I was a little skeptical that there was no way the locals would support this, but it sure has seemed to take off! The last two weeks have generated over 400 visitors each Wednesday, and the vendors keep coming back, so that is definitely great news!
When you think of a Farmer's Market, most people think produce. Definitely not the case here, and the vendors range anywhere from produce, to blown glass jewelry, to fabulous baked items, to chicken and fresh cheeses! WOW!
I have visited the Farmer's Market the last 3 Wednesday's, and I have yet to leave empty handed. The produce that the local farmer's are bringing in are better than you will find at your local Acme, Shop Rite, or even Wegmans, and you can be guaranteed that everything is being locally grown. And note that you will not just have one farm stand to choose from for your produce as there are many.
Here is an example of some locally grown cherry tomatoes. Look at the color on these! Yes, there are grown right here in Jersey. And t think, that you have 3-5 different vendors bring out gorgeous produce like life. Life is definitely good in Bordentown City, and other towns would kill to have something like this on a weekly basis!
But again, it is not just produce. There is also a vendor that has been back every week who has anything from fresh mozzarella cheese, to difference kinds of sausage made from chicken, or pork, and he also carries fresh, local Griggstown chicken. Hopefully next Wednesday I can get a snapshot on my Blackberry of his different offerings. But from what a neighbor has said, the sausage is incredibe!
3 weeks in a row I have purchased fresh bread there, ranging from baguette, to spinach and mozzarella Stromboli, to pepperoni and cheese Stromboli. These are soft as can be, and just take a few minutes to warm up in the oven. The last 2 Thursday's, we have made dinner and Friday lunch out of these, and at just $5 a piece for 2 meals, can you really go wrong?
All in all, these is a great attraction for the Bordentown locals, and is starting to draw in a crowd from out of town.
So, give me the details:
Who: Bordentown City Farmer's Market brought to you by the Bordentown City Commissioners with technical assistance from Burlington County's Dept. of Resource Conservation.
What: Farmer's Market
Where: The Municipal Lot off of Farnsworth Avenue behind the Farnsworth House.
Why: to bring locally grown, raised, blown items to town to make purchasing these items more convenient.
When: Every Wednesday from 3PM-7PM.
Stay tuned next week as I will pick 3 vendors to interview, and do a short write up about them and the items that they are selling. Until then, enjoy!

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