Sunday, December 27, 2009

2006 Lillian Syrah

Once again, a bottle sourced for the holidays, and popped and poured way too early! But when traveling and having to source, this is one of he few times that I don't mind committing the act of "infantcide," especially when there are more at home in the cellar and I am not tapping into that stash. This wine is definitely going to need some time to come around, but will be every bit as good as the '04 and '05. In the glass, this is a nice dark, purplish inky color. Very dark, and very attractive...I MEAN DARK! On the nose, some alcohol and oak as I expected with oodles and oodles of black fruits: blackberry, blueberry, black cherry, and boysenberry. Also has nice hints of raspberry and spice. On the palate, big and young is an understatement. Again, THIS WINE NEEDS some serious bottle time for it to come together, but even after an hour in the glass, it opens up nicely with blackberry, black cherry, and raspberry on the palate. Nice subtle spice and white/black pepper round out the palate. There are some hints of alcohol and acidity, and there are definitely some tannins on this wine, but this will round out in time. Our remaining 3 will sleep for a good 3-5 years before revisiting, but once again, Maggie has created yet another baby Sine Qua Non here, and this is going to be incredible with some age. 92 points now with some air, but it'll definitely gain a few more points based on complexity alone once everything integrates and comes together. Another winner! Kudos to Maggie! Decant 4-6 hours before consumption, but I would hold for 3-5 years unless you have many to play with. Cheers!

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