Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2007 Domaine de la Buissonne Côtes du Rhône Villages Beaumes-de-Venise

This wine has turned quite a bit since I last tried it last spring. It seems to have integrated nicely, and the alcohol has blown off, and the tannin has just 9 months no less. That said, I don't think this is a wine that you are going to want to cellar for the long term, but it should hold up for 3-5 years with no problem whatsoever.
Poured through the Vinturi into a decanter, and consumed over the course of 3 hours. On the nose, black cherry seemed to take the reigns, and I didn't get this at all on the prior two bottles. The nose is rounded out by some by some strawberry and raspberry, and really had a Central Coast pinot noir nose which I found a bit odd. There is still a tad of alcohol on the nose and a good swirl, but it was barely noticeable.
On the palate, that so called "grapieness" is long gone, and that is a beautiful thing. This wine has settled down in the mouth, and for the price, I am not one to complain. A bit of marichino cherry on the palate, with some nice Bubalicious strawberry and a hint of raspberry. There is also a hint of white pepper on the palate. The finish is short and dry, and not overly complex, but again, for $12 what do you want? There seems to be decent fruit on this wine, and I am guessing that another 12 months in the bottle will give it time to show even more. But as they say, time will tell. We'll see! For now, this is a decent quaffer and a nice daily drinker. 86 points.

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