Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2007 Hahn Estates Chardonnay Parker's Run

Zelda needed a white wine tonight for a scallop dish that she prepared, and this was handy and seemed to fit the bill. Poured a glass as there was plenty left, and this showed a deep yellow color in the glass. The nose showed a ton of oak, with some sweetness, as well as a bit of petrol. Light citrus notes of lemon and lime, with the smallest hint of passion fruit.

On the palate, the oak was king here. There was a lot of oak, and this was an oak stick. Maybe this will settle out in time, but it was a bit overwhelming. This was your typical buttery California chard, and these elements seemed to mask the fruit for the most part. The oak dominated the finish as well, but there was some nice acidity to this wine. ½ the bottle vacuumed, and put into the fridge overnight, so I will re-visit it again tonight to see if the oak settles out. No idea what this wine cost as it was given to us as a gift, but I don’t know that I would buy it at any price point. More to come tonight. 82 points as of right now. Cheers!


A. Reader said...

no updates in a while...is the blog dead (gasp)?

NJFoodies said...

Hello A. Reader: Thanks for the comment and concern, and we will get back to it as soon as we can. I have been super busy, and have plenty to post, and just need to find the time to to write them all up and get them on here. Stay tuned! Cheers! -F. Scott