Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trenton Social Grand Opening Scheduled for 12 March 2011

You heard it here first, yes indeed, the grand opening of Trenton Social is scheduled for March 12th, 2011!

What is Trenton Social? Well, it is a place to eat, drink, and be social right here in New Jersey's capital! If there is one thing that Trenton needs, it is a place like Trenton Social, and being located across from the Sun National Bank Center, I don't think it could be any more convenient!

In doing some research, the executive chef is Chef Milton Lee, but I am not finding a whole lot of information on him yet. I will however try to get his bio and post it when I find more information!

From the looks of it, their website is still in the works, however, there is a lot of traffic and updates being posted on their Facebook page at:

http://www.facebook.com/trentonsocial The latest update showed that the new bar top is in, and the place is really starting to come together! From the pictures, I think this is just what Trenton needs, and it's yet another great hangout!

That said, stay tuned, and check it out for your grand opening! And be sure to tell them that we sent ya!


Trenton Social
449 South Broad Street
Trenton, NJ 08641


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys: I saw this linked on the Trentonian's blog roll and am very interested! Is there anything else you can tell us? Do you have any other ""inside information?" Having just moved to Trenton for work from Phoenix, it'll be really nice to have somewhere else within walking distance other than Kat Man Du. Their website doesn't seem to be up yet unfortunately, and with a soft opening just a few weeks off, it would be nice to gather some info. I guess I will just keep up with them on their Facebook page. Thanks, and love your blog! I've been to several places after reading here: Rossi's, Delorenzo's, Trenton Kebab House, Pat's Diner, and Manon. I love Lambertville by the way! This weekend I am taking the River train to Bordentown and having lunch with a friend at Oliver-A Bistro, and we are then taking the train to the museum. We are going to stop on the way back and have dinner at Under the Moon which looks like it is about 2 blocks further. Anyway, thanks so much for this great resource! -Manchuria

Anonymous said...

You guys really do hear about the most random stuff, and I love it! Saw this the other day and they had paper on the walls. From what I was told, the football team was taking over this space, and this club was moving into the old Conduit. That actually makes more sense if you think about it. I'd check it out for sure.

Manchuria: not sure where you live, but I can walk here from Mill Hill, and definitely wouldn't walk to Kat Man "Don't" from Mill Hill. The neighborhood in between is ghetto (isn't all of Trenton)! Are you in the new places right off the Route 1 ramp?

Regardless of where Social Trenton is going to be, they are smart as this area is going to be bumping once the arena football season starts! Being the only place right there, I don't see how they can possibly lose money. But my question is, what is going to sustain this place the rest of the year? Food for thought! -E. Jax

Anonymous said...

I wish them the best but this is the hood! You wouldn't catch me walking there after dark! Or to the train station for that matter.

I heard though that they are going to have live music!