Saturday, March 12, 2011

2007 Scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon

This is the 4th time we have been lucky enough to have this wine now, yet we still haven’t open up one of ours from our cellar yet.  Life is good!  This is however the first note I have written on this wine, and let me say that this wine is still VERY young, but drinking surprisingly well!  This is only going to get better with time, and before you ask, I will not give this wine a numbered score.

Popped and decanted for 6 hours in the cellar at cellar temperature.  Tasted blind along with an ’07 Herb Lamb, ’07 Quilceda Creek, ’07 Corra, and ’07 Maybach.  All wines decanted the same amount of time.  Nice, deep, ruby color in the glass, and a gorgeous and complex nose.

On the nose, the black fruits really shined.  As many times as we had this wine, Zelda and I both looked at each other and KNEW that this was the ‘Crow.  There is something about the fruit in this wine that makes it so distinctive, and that is a beautiful thing.  Tons of jammy dark fruits:  blackberry, cassis, black currants, raspberry jam, mocha, and mint.  There is just a tad bit of funk on this wine that gives me a bit of barnyard and mint as well.

On the palate, there are some great red and black fruits here!  More black cherry, currants, cassis, and raspberry dominate the palate. There is also a light hint of pluminess that I picked up on a few occasions, but it came and went.  The wine is silky smooth, and absolutely stunning, but has some nice backbone.  The finish definitely has a bit of alcohol on it, but it’s expected with such a young wine.  Regardless, the tannins are the most integrated as they have been in the couple times we’ve had this wine, with a nice chewy sweetness to them. 

Overall, I think this wine has several years before it is going to show its best.  Many will say that these wines are not meant for aging.  I have got to disagree based on the minerality this wine has now.  I am guessing that this will be there for years to come, and really think that this is going to age for 15 years plus.  Again, time will tell.

At the end of the day, all I can say is that this wine is getting closer and closer to perfection.  I can say that I have never rated a wine a perfect 100 points, and I think the highest rating I have ever given a wine was 96 points.  I am not out to set records here, but I think with time this one is going to achieve the highest rating I have ever given a wine.  I guess we’ll see for sure in the next 5-10 years.  This was my wine of the night, with the ’07 Maybach just a finger behind!  Cheers!

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Mark said...

Can or did you contrast and compare the other wines sampled during this tasting? I'd be interested in your notes.