Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2008 Cambria Pinot Noir Julia's Vineyard

Popped and poured this tonight on a Friday night in at room temperature after having to source this on a business trip last week.   Ruby red and purple hues in the glass, thinning significantly towards the rim showing its youth.

On the nose, some strawberry and cherry dominate, with some side spice, cola, and earth.  On the palate, the first thing I get is sour cranberry, and lots of it.  Secondary nuances of strawberry, cola, and funk dominate the palate as well, with some alcohol and funk.  Put a vacuum on this and will try it again tomorrow.

With ¾’s of a bottle left on day two, it has mellowed out a tad, but the cranberry still dominates.  This is a sour pinot noir, but it does show that hint of the Santa Rita Hills that I love.  Not sure that this is a bad bottle, or maybe this wine is just too young to be consumed.  Hard to say at this point.  Regardless, finished two glasses, and left a glass for tomorrow.

Forgot about this wine in the fridge with a vacuum on it, and at day 5 it is completely undrinkable.  This wine was best on day two, and worthy of 83 points.  Guessing this wine just needs more time.  Cheers.

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