Monday, May 30, 2011

Vincentown Diner - Vincentown, NJ

After such a wonderful experience the last time we visited the Vincentown Diner, we figured we'd stop there today on the way to the Vincentown florist where we buy our gorgeous hanging baskets every year. Unfortunately, it couldn't have been any more of a drastic turn for the worse on this visit.

We walked in and were immediately seated, and then had about 12 minutes to browse the menu before Jessica, our server came over to greet us. We immediately placed our order, and were looking forward to their delicious milkshake once again. Zelda ordered a black and white shake, while I ordered a vanilla shake.

As we sat waiting, we saw the gaggle of wait staff sitting at the counter, or standing around talking. At this point, 15 minutes had passed buy, and still no milkshakes, or even an offer for water. Meanwhile, the manager came over and broke up all the chatter, and not 2 minutes later they were back at it, lolly gagging around. Meanwhile, other customers had come to the restaurant and were also waiting at their tables ready to order.

Our shakes came out a minute or two later, and about 4 minutes after that out came our burgers. I opted for their burger that was featured in the NJ magazine, and at this point I don't even remember what it was called.  Regardless, I ordered it medium, and it came out well done. I waited for our server to come back, but after about 10 minutes, she never returned.

The burger was OK and did have some flavor, and the au jus on the side made it tolerable once it was dipped. The thick cut fries were cold. Zelda's turkey burger was OK thankfully, and she had no complaints.

Another 10 minutes passed by after we ate and our server came over to ask us if we needed anything. No asking how everything was, and she never even came to check and see how everything was. Talk about terrible service.

That said, I asked for our check, paid cash at the register as you walk out, and stiffed the waitress for the first time in probably 10 years. What a horrible server, and horrible staff that we encountered in their dining room today. The first time we were there, the burger, shakes, and service were second to none.

Today obviously, being Memorial Day, I guess they didn't feel like being there working, so they took it out on their customers. What a shame. Definitely don't plan on going back as there are much better diners with better service in the area. Diner beware!!! The service today at the Vincentown Diner was the worst I have experienced in NJ. Way to thank a veteran on Memorial Day! 

Vincentown Diner
2357 US Highway 206
Vincentown, NJ 08088
(609) 267-3033


vince z said...

what i find strange also about this diner is . they don't serve roast beef in any way shape or form.and there isn't a slice of american cheese in the whole place,is this a religous dinner of some sort....I just can't figure that one out...i guess i'll need to bring a slice or two from home next time

vince z said...

what i also can not understand about this dinner is :there is in no way shape or form, Roast beef is totally exempt from the menu.and there isn't a slice of american cheese is the whole place!i sort of wonder if it's a religous thing going on there or they just don't like american tradition.if you cant get a roast beef club with american cheese than you might as well take the name diner off your street sign. im going to bring a couple slices of american cheese from home for my next burger there next time