Saturday, February 28, 2009

CoolVines Tasting - Springing Into March

This was the first wine today in the CoolVines - Princeton tasting. On the nose, there was some apricot, melon, pear, and hints of gooseberry. No cat pee on the nose on this New Zealand surprisingly. On the palate, there were some hints of pear and guava, but surprisingly, I couldn't catch a whole lot else on the palate. The acidity was crisp, with a simple finish that was a bit on the tannic side, but what do you expect with such a young wine. All in all, this is an easy drinker, and would be nice on the deck during the summer. Not much complexity only warrant this wine 83 points, but for the money, it has a decent QPR.
This was the second wine today, unfortunately I was not all that impressed. The nose to me was very reminiscent of "Pal" bubble gum(call me crazy), and some hints of pineapple and pear. On the palate, this wine was very drinkable, but not all that complex to warrant a high score. There was some more pear on the palate, with some apricot, and maybe a hint of honey. Very short finish with subtle acidity make this wine a good summer sipper, but I wouldn't go out of my way to find it, but for the price, you really cannot go wrong. 80 points.
Even though today's wines weren't of the normal caliber that CoolVines has, they were great price point wine, and good values for those who may not consider themselves connoisseurs. For the money, you really cannot go wring with ether of these wines, and they will both make nice summer sippers. Kudos to Mark and the CoolVines gang. Cheers!

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