Friday, February 27, 2009

Finding fish & chips in Central Jersey for Lent...

So with the Catholic season of Lent upon us, it always inspires me to look for a place that has good fish and chips in the area. Unfortunately, I have have found little success in doing so, so my question to you is, where do you go in New Jersey for fish and chips? There is currently a thread on Chowhound, however, none of those places seem to be in the Trenton Metro.
There is also the Dublin Square Pub coming soon, but not being here yet, it really doesn't do a lot of good. We've had the fish & chips at Triumph in Princeton, as well as The Inn at the Hawk in Lambertville, and they are OK, but there has to be better in the immediate area.
So my question to you Foodies and Chowhounds is this: Where in central Jersey do you go for fish and chips? Cheers, and a happy Lent season to all of you! What did you give up for Lent?

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