Sunday, February 8, 2009

Moustache Restaurant - Lambertville, NJ

We've heard great things about Moustache from friends, so on a beautiful February NJ day, a drive to Lambertville was just what the doctor ordered to enjoy some nice weather outdoors. After all, how many days near 60 degrees to you have in February? Moustache is located in the location that used to house a Capa Pizza where we had pies on multiple occasions. Upon walking up, you could see that they did some work to the outside of the building, with some nice landscaping, and some paint work to the building. Moustache prides itself on Middle Eastern cuisine, and they seem to be doing it the right way! Upon entering, this place did a complete 360 from the old Capa Pizza days. The interior was totally renovated and rearranged, with the old rotating pizza oven being removed, and the entire kitchen being moved from the front left hand side, to the rear right of the building where the bands used to play. The rustic concrete floor is still there, and the new tables are adorned by copper tops, and look very nice. Lanterns hang from the ceiling, and this really helps set the tone and ambiance for some good ethnic cuisine. One of the first things that Zelda noticed was the sign behind the host stand that says "We proudly accept cash." Upon looking around, there were no Visa/MC stickers on the door, so I took a walk a few blocks to hit the ATM at the corner on Bridge Street. Upon returning, I was greeted at the table by an order of hummus that looked absolutely gorgeous. A nice ring of hummus surrounded some chopped chick peas, served with a fresh pita, whole, in a basket. Upon picking up the pita, you could tell how thin and airy it was. You could tell that these were definitely homemade, and they were at the right side of the tasty scale. Awesome!! Upon tasting the hummus, this was delicious as well, and this coming from a guy who is not a big fan of chickpeas. The hummus had a nice tahini seasoning, and some other middle eastern seasonings, a tad of lemon juice, and it made for a gorgeous app! I opted for the gyro, rotisserie broiled, sliced in nice chunks of fresh beef, and this too had a nice medley of Mediterranean spices. This was served with a nice sauce, tomato, and romaine lettuce. I could have ate 5 of these things they were so good, and by the far the best gyro I have eaten on the East Coast. This was awesome, and served in the same fresh, thin, homemade pita! YUM! Zelda went with the falafel sandwich, served in yet another fresh baked pita with lettuce and tomato. Again, not being a huge fan of falafel, I was pleasantly surprised at the gorgeous aromatic taste of this dish. More chickpeas with nice spice and vegetables made this dish incredible, and it is something that I would have no problem eating. Add a few Coke's to the tab, and we got in and out of there for around $22. For the quality of food, with the nice aromatics and spices that went into these dishes, this was an absolute bargain! I look forward to going back soon! 77 South Union Street Lambertville, NJ Phone: (609)397-7777

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