Sunday, June 20, 2010

DiVello's Deli - Medford, NJ

I can’t tell you how many times I have had a hoagie or cheese steak from DiVello’s Deli in Medford, NJ, but I have yet to be disappointed.  First off, I hope all of the father’s out there had a Happy Father’s Day.  I can say that we had a great afternoon with Zelda’s family today, and sometimes it is just too hot to cook, or go out to eat, so DiVello’s was a great option.
We ordered carry out from DiVello’s today, and the hoagies ranged from turkey, to cheese steaks, to chicken cheese steaks, etc.  My cheese steak was in the traditional style, with just fried onions.  It was a monster, and I only ate half of it, but I am sure that the other half will make its way to my belly for lunch at my desk tomorrow!
Great steak, and great cheese, with some nicely friend onions, served on a nice soft hoagie roll.  These cheese steaks are always tasty, and I have probably had a couple dozen from DiVello’s over the years.  Even their seafood salad and potato salad sides were good, and I am usually not a big potato salad fan.   But for whatever reason, theirs appeals to me, with a nice crunch, and nice mustard flavors.
Unfortunately, I cannot find a website for them, however, I did find their menu online at:
All in all, you can get some great sandwiches, sides, and entrees from DiVello’s, and I highly recommend it.  We have been there dozens of times, and will continue to visit when we are in that area.  Thumbs up!  Cheers!  - F. Scott
DiVello’s Deli of Medford
122 Medford – Mt. Holly Road
Medford, NJ  08055
Phone:  (609)654-4780

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