Wednesday, June 16, 2010

iPad Menu Hits Restaurant in Australia

Every morning I make it a point to listen to WPST and listen to Chris and the crew.  This morning, I heard Newman, PST DJ extraordinaire, morning show producer, and my future soccer teammate talking about a restaurant in Australia that has taken on the iPad instead of having the traditional style menu.  This article can be found at: 
As a new iPad owner, thanks to the most awesome birthday gift from Zelda, I think that this is a great idea.  Not only is it environmentally friendly as they do not have to print their menu’s, but it is also just plain cool.  I remember sitting at a corner restaurant in Doylestown, PA a few years ago, where the servers had a Palm Pilot looking device instead of a pad of tickets, and thought that was awesome.  They took your order, put it right into the Palm using the stylus, and off it went, wirelessly to the kitchen.  What a great idea, and I am surprised that this never took off.  Although, I can see how this could be more time consuming that just writing an order down, but the whole technological factor is just plain cool.
So at this restaurant in Sydney, your server seats you, gives you the iPad, and your order your food straight from there.  You can also see pictures of the dish, and read user reviews.  Another great feature of this custom app is that you can even see what the recommended wine pairings are for the individual dishes.  What a great idea.
But my question is, will this ever catch on?  Is this just a short term fad before the iPad get’s “played out?”  Will there eventually be a better plan?  Do they have to worry about customers trying to steal the iPad, breaking the iPad, etc?  Regardless, what a creative use of technology!  Is this cutting edge?  Not really, but it is pretty darn cool!  Food for thought here in the states!  Cheers!  -F. Scott

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