Sunday, November 14, 2010

Barnacle Bill's - Rumson, NJ

Well, 've been reading about Barnacle Bill's burger for years, and on this gorgeous Sunday, it was time to take a drive to Rumson just to give it a try for myself.

So we took a drive down 195, and took the scenic route down Route 537, then took a ride through Red Bank, and arrived at Barnacle Bill's.  The lot was jam packed, but somehow we managed to get some rockstar parking.  We walked in, and Barnacle Bill's was exactly what I expected.  It was rustic, and had nautical decor all over the place!  The bar was packed, and the famous grill was located behind the bar. 

We were immediately sat, and had a good view of the flatscreens so we could stay in touch with today's games.  Our service came over, and we both ordered a couple of beers.  As we perused the menu, I knew what I was having, so we placed our order!

Meanwhile, we enjoyed our beers, and I headed over to the peanut bucked to get some shelled peanuts, that we ate and tossed right onto the floor.  It was during this time that I noticed that they were indeed cooking the burgers behind the bar, and then bringing them to the kitchen to meet up with the rest of the orders for the respective tables.  I guess we'll see just how famous, and seasoned this grill really is!

Meanwhile, the food seemed to be pouring out of the kitchen.  There was definitely a good crowd here, and there were a lot of burgers being cooked.  The beers were flowing at the bar, and the servers and bartenders seemed to be busy and humping.

First out was Zelda's baked flounder with fries, and as simple as the dish was, the flavors were nice.  This was a good sized piece of fish, and seemed fresh.  There really wasn't anything crazy complex about this dish, but there also was nothing at all wrong with it. 

Next out was my burger and onion rings, an it looked big and gorgeous!  This was cooked to a perfect medium, and piled with bacon and sauteed onion.

The first bite was magnificent, and this is made how a burger should be made.  I am guessing there wasn't much seasoning used in the burger patties at all, other than salt and pepper.  The onion however had a bit of a taste of Worcestershire sauce, and it makes me wonder if this is what they are sauteed in.  I didn't taste this on the burger, so the next trip we just may have to sit at the bar so I can see.

The onion rings came out steaming hot, and were lightly hand breaded and delicious.  The super thin onions seemed the tastiest to me, but the thicker ones were delicious too!

All in all, this was a great burger, but I still think that Rossi's would edge it out in a side by side taste test.  To me, the deciding factor was both the ground beef used, as well as the bun.  The bun here didn't seem as fresh as it could be.

The only downside to Barnacle Bill's that I saw was when I ran to the bathroom to wash my hands after lunch, only to be almost run over by a guy who flung the door open, and ran into the stall to vomit.  I guess this happens as the bar seems to be the majority of their business, but you would think that in an area like Rumson, people might show a bit of class.  Regardless, you can't hold this against Barnacle Bill's, and it was worth the trip for a delicious burger, and a possible contender for the best burger in New Jersey!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys: over two weeks since a post? Come on, don't leave us hanging! Fill in the headlines you started with some meat and potatoes! - Hank in Hopewell

Patrick Guba said...

Barnacle Bill's is HANDS DOWN, the most AWESOME restaurant in Monmouth County!!! It has excellent food, very well priced, outstanding service and it is located at the foot of First Street in Rumson on the water. It's just such a beautiful location! The bands that play on the weekends are outstanding as well. I would buy stock in this company if it were available!