Saturday, April 2, 2011

2008 Congruence Wine Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa Valley, CA)

After having the 2007 Congruence and loving it, I figured it was time to open a 2008.  If I remember correctly, this wine is 95% Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon, and the final blend got a bit of petite verdot, as well as some cabernet franc.  Sorry, I don’t know what the exact blend was here.  Popped and decanted at cellar temperature for 4 hours.

Gorgeous garnet color in the glass.  On the nose, I get a ton of black cherry, ripe jammy raspberry, cassis, currants, and just a tad of vanilla.  The nose is rounded out by a bit of spice, some floral notes, coffee grounds, and espresso.  Needless to say, there is a ton going on within the nose here, to the point that it was almost overwhelming.  But is that really a bad thing?  I don’t think so.

On the palate, first thing that I notice is the lack of alcohol, and the lack of oak on this wine.  Everything here seems to be really integrated, and that was shocking to me.  There is nothing worse than opening a wine in its infancy and being smacked in the face with a giant oak log.  Not the case here at all, and the alcohol seemed very integrated as well.  Maybe this was because we were drinking it at cellar temperature?  I don’t know.

The fruit is the shining star here, and the palate shows nice currants and cassis, with more mocha tones, black cherry, and raspberry.  Definitely a bit of dusty tannin here, however, they are well integrated at such a young stage.  Even so, I think that this wine will easily age for 10 plus years, however, it is drinking so well now, I think it is going to be hard to keep my hands off these.

When it comes to our house cab, I really wish I could afford to serve this to all of our guests.  This is a hell of a well made wine, and you can tell that some serious time and thought was put into this. Overall, this is a winner, and I need to figure out somewhere to come up with a bit of extra cash, and order another 6-12 bottles.  Hell of a good wine, and 93 point worthy.  Guessing this could gain 1-2 more points, if not more, with some time on its side in the cellar.  For all of you who took advantage of this on the Berserkerday Birthday Sale, you are in for a pleasant surprise!  Great job!  Cheers!

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