Monday, January 16, 2012

Bar Americain - New York, NY

So tonight I took the train from Princeton up to NYC, to meet my good friend John from back home in Chicago for dinner.  I walked up the stairs to 7th Avenue at Penn Station, and hung a quick right to meet John at the Hilton Fashion District.  Needless to say, we left his hotel and started walking towards Times Square, so I suggested Bar Americain.

We walked in and the restaurant was packed, however, there were 2 open stools at the bar so we sat down and ordered a couple of drinks, and got some menus.   I looked at the wine list, and really wasn't in the mood for a Washington State cabernet, so I went the beer route, and had a hefewizen instead, and I think it was Pennsylvania perhaps?  Not sure, but regardless, it was tasty.

It's been a few years since Zelda took me to Bar Americain, and unfortunately, there was nothing that really jumped out and grabbed me from the menu, so I ended up ordering the Monday night special of Fried Chicken, with a side of fries.  John ended up ordering the same, with asparagus however.

The chicken came out quick, and had a great crisp to it.  It was juicy and tender inside, and had some great herb and spice flavors.  This was served with a side of a black pepper biscuits with a honey of sort on them, and these too were good.  What I really liked was the flavor from the pink peppercorn in the breading on the chicken.  This added a great element which I truly appreciated.

The fries were fries.  Nothing special about them, and frankly, they could have been a lot hotter than the luke warm that they were.  The chipotle mayo however is always delicious, and the same as what is served at Bobby's Burger Palace.

All in all, a nice bar dinner, but not sure the fried chicken was $29 worthy.  I think that Chef Capasso at West Side Gravy does a friend chicken every bit as good for half the price, but that is just me.  Service was friendly, food was tasty, and it's always good to see my boy from home.  Cheers!

Bar Americain
152 W. 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019


wineismylife said...

Thanks for the review Jersey. Good to see you posting some reviews again.

I've been meaning to try this place. I usually stay close by when in NYC. Perhaps next time.

NJFoodies said...

Thanks WIML, and thanks for checking in here!

While I think Bar Americain is good, I think I actually like BOLO (RIP) better. It's a shame that he closed that restaurant. Mesa Grill was my next favorite restaurant, and the Bar Americain menu was the least favorite of his 3 restaurants in NYC. Regardless, the food is still good, but I would go to Mesa Grill before coming here. But if you are in the neighborhood, it's definitely worth the visit!

Let me know next time you're in town and I'll join ya! Cheers, and hope all is well!

Chuck said...

Been to Bar American in NYC and a couple of the Mesa Grill's. Agree that there isn't anything special about Bar America, good but not great and not special. Mesa was always my favorite but the last time we were there it felt the same, good but missing something. Consistency is hard and great is elusive ...