Monday, January 16, 2012

Beauty & Essex - New York, NY

So from Death & Co, since we were just a few blocks away, I absolutely had to take John to Beauty & Essex!  Now, if you didn't notice Death & Co while walking past it, there is no way you would ever realize that Beauty & Essex was even here.

From the outside, it looks like an old pawn shop or antique/estate jewelry store.  But at the back left of the store is a giant door with a doorman, and once the door is open, you see and absolute vibe of a great place!  Sure, this too is styled after an old speakeasy, however, this place is done with some class!

On the right hand side as you walk in is a giant staircase.  Unfortunately, I didn't go up here to see what was there, but we were just stopping in for a drink or 2.  There seemed to be a lot of people going up and down, so who knows.

We grab 2 seats at the bar on the left before the dining room, and there were only 2 other people at the bar which probably has about 12 stools.  Opposite the bar is seating that was jam packed, all the way down the wall, with some tables, and chairs as well.  Definitely a cozy spot.

Towards the rear of the restaurant is the dining room, which looked absolutely gorgeous, and definitely had a great vibe.  There wasn't an open table that I could see, and again, considering it was a Monday, this is a good sign for the economy.  Or a good sign that this is a fun gathering place where the masses like to hang out.

As for the drinks, again, I would stay away from beer here and go the cocktail route.  I actually had a glass of Bordeaux, and while it cost $14, it was what it was in Manhattan.  The service from the bar was nice and friendly, and she was accommodating enough to take a picture for us.

The menu at Beauty & Essex looks nice, and the few entrees that I saw looked delicious.  Appetizers are from $12-$16, and entrees run $18-$52.

Looking forward to visiting for dinner one of these nights.  In the meantime, here is another fun NYC gem worth checking out!  And don't be afraid to go in...there really is a door into the speakeasy through the pawn shop!  Cheers!

Beauty & Essex
146 Essex Street
New York, NY 10002-2301
Phone:  (212)614-0146


Anonymous said...

This place was a cool and hip follow up to Stanton Social, but is already played out with nothing but tool bags hanging out there. The food is not that great and doesn't warrant the prices at all. Sure, Santo's has some talent, but he is not showing his talents here. Not worth the trip in my opinion, and there are much better, hipper, swankier bars in the city and even NJ that warrant a visit before this place.

Anonymous said...

This bar is definitely old news. So many "more cool" places to hang out in the city that people still have not discovered.