Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bouchon Bakery - New York, NY

What is a trip to New York without getting some delicious, baked pastries?  Well, it's a trip that is missing something!  But what is a trip to New York with a visit to Chef Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery?  Absolutely awesome!

Sure, there are plenty of people that feel that a croissant is a croissant.  There are plenty of people that cannot appreciate a good macaron, and there are even people who may not even like macarons.  But Bouchon brings pastries to the next level in my humble opinion, and every trip brings something different for me to try, and something different for me to take to go so I can bring it home and enjoy it tomorrow.

Today's trip brought on 3 different types of macarons.  First I opted for the vanilla, followed by the caramel, and finally the chocolate.  These are elegantly cooked cookies of sorts, with a nice crunch on the outside, and a soft chewy center on the inside of the cookie.  These are then filled with a cream of sort, and they are absolutely delicious.  I have to say that of the 3, the vanilla was my favorite, followed by the caramel.  Next time I need to get a few of the pistachio as well!

A trip to Bouchon wouldn't be complete without some croissants as well.  Croissants are by far one of my favorite pastries, with the buttery, flaky layers that are ever so delicious!  You can tell that they use the lamination technique here, where they make the dough, and wrap it around a giant piece of butter, folding it over and over, so there are hundreds of delicious layers.  This is definitely the case here, and what is there to say other than awesome.

Even with the regular croissants, I couldn't pass up the chocolate croissant as well, made using the same lamination technique, folded around 2 bars of chocolate.  I couldn't help but eat one of these immediately as I needed a little pick me up for the walk around the city, and as always, it was absolutely delicious!

I could probably go on for days about some of the other things at Bouchon!  From the other cookies, to the pastries, sandwiches, chocolates, brownies, etc, everything looks absolutely awesome!  Not only is choosing what to purchase a difficult decision, but being able to restrain yourself from eating everything before you get home is as well.  Today I actually did pretty well!  Cheers!  -F. Scott

Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center
One Rockefeller Center
New York, NY 10020
Phone:  (212)782-3890

Open Monday-Friday, 7am to 7pm
Open Saturday-Sunday, 8am to 8pm

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