Thursday, February 2, 2012

Concerto Fusion - Morrisville, PA

I think it has been years since I have visited Concerto Fusion, and I have to say that the place is as good as I remember it being.  I showed up late on a Thursday night, well, late for dinner at least as it was about 8:30PM.  The sushi bar and regular bar were empty, so I  grabbed a stool and sat down for a couple of appetizers.

There were about 8 tables sat in the restaurant, which wasn't bad given the time.  Morrisville isn't exactly on the beaten path, so I am sure they were happy to have a decent crowd in there.  If I had to guess, the crowd is equally from both the NJ and PA sides of the Delaware River, that this restaurant sits just feet from.

For starters, I had the sushi pizza, which was a green onion pancake topped with and  avocado mix, sliced tuna, and slived yellowtail, served with light spicy fresh fruit sauce.  As you can see from the picture, this was absolutely gorgeous.  Great vibrant colors on the fish, and absolutely delicious.

If I had to change one thing about this dish however, it would be the "pizza crust."  To me, it was a bit chewy, thick and dense, and if I were to do this dish, I think I would come up with a thinner crust that had some crunch.  Regardless, there was nothing wrong with it the way it is, and the flavors are nice.

From here, I couldn't pass up the Caribbean Phyllo Crusted Prawns, that seem to be what put Concerto Fusion on the map.  Everyone that has been here and knows that I have been here asks if I have had these, and I have to say, "of course!"

The are a lightly fried jumbo shrimp wrapped in phyllo, served with guacamole mango salsa and delicious!  What is there not to like about these?  The phyllo is wrapped around the shrimp and cut super thin like angel hair, then wrapped around the tempura shrimp and fried.  All I can say is awesome!  I thought this was so inventive the first time I had it, and to date, it is still the only place I have seen it.  Unfortunately, the mango salsa left something to be desired, was sour, bitter, and just tasted off to me.  That being said, I left it be, and just enjoyed the shrimp.

Washed all of this down with a cheap glass of pinot noir, and left plenty satisfied.  Good food, great ambiance, and just a little off the beaten path.  Won't be my last visit, and I look forward to going back again soon.  Cheers!

Concerto Fusion
2 South Delmorr Avenue
Morrisville PA 19067 
Phone:  (215)428-2899

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