Wednesday, April 2, 2008

2004 Bonny Doon Vineyard Big House Red

After having to run to Comcast to replace a cable box that friend, then having a "fast" dinner, this was the perfect thing for a nice relaxing night on the bistro to unwind with Zelda.
For $8.99, this is a good, affordable daily drinker, and it would also make a good guest wine for those who don't appreciate a nice bottle of wine. God knows we all have those friends, so why open a $30-$50 bottle so they can sit there and say it's alright.
Some red fruits on the nose: strawberry, raspberry, and maybe even cranberry. On the palate, more strawberry and cherry more than anything, with a nice , semi tart acidity. The finish was short and not complex, but what do you want for under $9? Overall, I gave this wine 85 points. Definitely nothing special, but it makes a good daily drinker with a great QPR. Would purchase again. And as always, don't let the screw top fool you! Cheers!

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