Friday, April 4, 2008

Oliver - A Bistro Bordentown, NJ

Another great dinner at Oliver-A Bistro on a Friday night in Bordentown! We absolutely love this restaurant, and the owners, Matt and Danielle have done such a great job since they bought it 2 years ago. Matt serves as the extremely talented executive chef, while Danielle runs the front of house and the catering side of the business. Kudos to them both for transforming Oliver from the hot lunch only spot, to the now lunch and dinner hot spot in town!
Bruce had a well deserved night off tonight, but the service was still great without him. Everyone here is so nice, and the food is just so damn good! Tons of great specials tonight, ranging from steaks, to seafood, to lamb chops, but when it came down to it, Zelda had her usual staple, the Risotto with Sweet Pea and Parmesan, which is usually an $8 appetizer, that she transforms in a dinner size portion at $16, and I ordered the Pacific Mahi with Artichoke, Red Bliss Potato and Sweet Carrot Barigoule and an English Pea Emulsion at $18.95.
As always, Zelda's risotto was cooked to perfecton, with beautifully colored peas, and freshly shaved parm on top. This is such a great dish, and a perfect dish for the spring with great fresh ingredients. My mahi was a beautiful, fresh, and thick piece of fish that could not have been cooked any more perfect. The side consisted of potatos and carrots that were very tasty, and the English pea emulsion had great flavor...this coming from a non pea lover. To top it all of, pea sprouts covered the fish, which was a gorgeous touch, and added very nice, delicate flavors.
All in all, another awesome meal at Oliver, and we enjoyed a great Emeritus pinot. Be sure to check out the review for that as well!
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