Friday, April 4, 2008

2005 Emeritus Vineyards Pinot Noir Estate Bottled, Sonoma Coast William Wesley

We haven't re-visited this bottle since last summer, but we were in for a real treat tonight! This wine was purchased on release from Emeritus, after getting an invitation from Brice Cutrer to join the mailing list as a charter member. Needless to say, I am glad that we did!
The 2005 William Wesley was made available only to mailing list members, and not made available to retailers. We were allocated 12, but unfortunately only purchased 6 of 12.
Tonight we brought this to Oliver-A Bistro, and it was popped and poured. The color in the glass was amazing...almost like a raspberry in the glass....absolutely gorgeous! The nose showed to be much more fruity on the nose than floral. Hints of cherry, were predominant. On the palate, tons of candied cherry, raspberry, plum, and strawberry were very dominant. This is a very fruit forward pinot, and as Zelda said, it is more fruity than right, and I think she has a better nose than me...
Lots of cherry and strawberry on the palate, and this wine was not at all tannic. It continued to open as the bottle was open, and turned out to be another stellar bottle, very similar to the first one we had last year, but more balanced I think. Will try another one next summer!
All said and done, a wonderful pinot worthy of 94 points!

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