Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2006 Sanford Pinot Noir

Tonight I needed something to make a pinot noir sauce for salmon from the latest issue of Wine Spectator, and this old reliable fit the bill. Like always when cooking, I wanted to use something that we would definitely drink, and quite honest, using a bottle like this is easier than going to the store and getting a cheap bottle! That said, ½ went into a sauce pan to reduce with some thyme and fresh bay leaf for about 45 minutes before a few tablespoons of butter was added to it. Needless to say, the sauce was jammy and gorgeous!
This however left a half bottle that needed to be consumed. God knows that we weren’t going to let one of our favorite pinot noir go to waste! This was basically popped open and thrown back into the cellar for about an hour, and served at cellar temperature. Gorgeous ruby color in the glass, and typical Santa Rita Hills nose of black cherry, cola, strawberry, spice, and some nice earthiness to it. On the palate, as always the cherry and cola are the stars here, and this wine has continued to develop since we last had it almost a year ago. Although this wine is still very young by my means, it is nice and smooth, with little to no alcohol, and very fine tannins. What is there to say other than the fact that once again this was a delicious bottle worth of 90 points. Cheers!

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