Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rossi's Tavern - Trenton, NJ

It has been several months since I have had the opportunity to get back to Rossi’s Tavern, so when one of my fellow Air Force members asked where he could get the best burger in NJ, I had to bring up Rossi’s.  When Rossi’s popped into my head, I couldn’t possibly let him go by himself.  After all, he is here on temporary duty assignment from Minneapolis, and what kind of fellow Airmen would I be sending him into Trenton by himself?

That said, I picked him up at his hotel, and off to Rossi’s we went.  We arrived around 6:30, and there were a few open seats at the bar.  I grabbed two stools over on the corner of the bar where I usually sit, and Bob was behind the bar.  A couple of beers were ordered and we received menu’s.  Without looking, I already knew what I would be ordering.  Their classic burger, topped with Swiss cheese, fried onion, and of course bacon, medium of course, with a side of homemade chips.  Louie ordered a cheddar burger medium well with fries.

Even with a packed house, the kitchen was turning food out pretty quick.  Not even 10 minutes went by and we had our burgers, and as usual, they came out hot, large, and in charge!  Both of our burgers were cooked to temperature, and booth oozing juicy goodness.  As always, the meat was very nice, not overly seasoned, and just downright tasty.  The buns were fresh with a nice crust on the top, but light and fluffy in the middle.  My bacon and onion had great flavor, and the Swiss cheese was as good as any.

What can I say other than the fact that it was yet another great meal.  Even Louie said that it was by far the best burger he has had in NJ, and trust me when I say that we know how to do burgers in NJ!  What a treat!  Cheers!  -F. Scott


GG said...

I haven't been to Rossi's, but how does it compare to Barnacle Bill's in Rumson? Barnacle Bill's is pretty hard to beat!

NJFoodies said...

Barnacle Bill's is pretty awesome, so it would be a tough call. I used to eat lunch there on Friday's when I worked on Fort Monmouth, so it is a tough call. Sounds like I need to revisit soon! Thanks for the note!

Mercedes said...

This was a great review! I personally love Barnacle Bills but I think Rossi's is right up there with the best of them. Another great place to try is Frankly Burgers. Their food is simply delicious and of great quality (organic beef & peanut oil for the fries). It's really not that difficult to find a great place for a burger in NJ!