Sunday, August 1, 2010

NV Bonny Doon Vineyard Raspberry Framboise

Let me say that there is nothing complex about this dessert wine in the least, but for non-wine drinkers, this is always a crowd pleaser.  We used to serve tons of this stuff years ago, but we’ve found that we really don’t care for it all that much anymore, so we’ve had bottles sitting in the fridge for years.  That being said, I grabbed one tonight and twisted off the cap.

Deep, dark, syrupy wine in the glass, with what else but raspberry on the nose.  There was just a bit of alcohol on the nose as well, but what do you expect at 17% or whatever it is.  On the palate, sure, there is some raspberry syrup, and not a whole lot more other than sweetness.  Great for some, and maybe OK for me, but nothing spectacular.  Much prefer the Tobin James dessert wines, and even better yet some good Sauternes or some Mr. K’s from Sine Qua Non.  75 points.  Cheers!

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