Sunday, December 12, 2010

Princeton Soup and Sandwich Company - Princeton, NJ

So today we had to make a run over to Whole Foods to pick up some pork and turkey loins for dinner tonight, and we ended up stopping in town for lunch.

Princeton Soup & Sandwich Company is located in Palmer Square, at the old location of the Soup Man.  I had no idea that this had even changed hands, or changed names for that matter, which is pretty sad considering we drive past here almost every day.

Upon walking in, the place looks the same for the most part.  The kitchen has changed a little bit, and they have some new stationed back there.  They still have about the same amount of soups and the seating is still very limited to about 5 stools inside if that.

I placed our order at the counter as Zelda grabbed us two stools before they were snatched up.  I ordered the Chicago style hot dog, along with a kids portion of the lobster bisque.

Let me say that if this wasn't a Vienna Beef hot dog, it was a pretty good hot dog in disguise!  It tasted very nice, and there were some very similar qualitites to a Vienna Beef dog.  Although it is inspired by a true Chicago style dog, it was however lacking a bit.

First, it wasn't served on the signature poppyseed bun.  This is a staple.  Secondly, the relish was a bit different, and it wasn't your typical "neon green" relish as usually found in Chicago.  Next, the sport peppers were a bit different, and seemed more jalapeno inspired than what I am used to back home.  Finally, the onion used was red onion.  All in all, the dog wasn't bad in the least, and it was the next best thing to a real Vienna Beef dog back home.

As for the bisque, I can say that it wasn't as good as the bisque that the Original Soup Man used to serve in this location.  While the lobster bisque was good, there were definitely differences.  For one, the soup wasn't quite as thick and creamy.  The Soup Man used to have a more creamier/buttery texture, where this seemed a little more greasy and watered down.  There also wasn't as much lobster as there used to be, but it was still decent soup.  I would buy it again, but I'd like to see it a dollar or two cheaper as there is now less meat.

Zelda ordered the Newton Dog, with a turkey hot dog, with avocado, tomatoes, and pickle.  We both thought that it was so weird to see her eating ahot dog out, as there is nowhere else that either of us can think of that has turkey dogs.  Not being a beef or pork eater, this was a first for her, and a pleasant first.  She also had a cup of the bisque as well.

We also ordered chips and a soda, and when all was said and done, the bill came to $25 and change.  Not the greatest value in the least, but not a bad value either.  I can only imagine how much their rent is, and one way or another they have got to pay it.  Definitely could be worse.  But when I am in the mood for a little taste of home, I can definitely see going back here to grab a Chicago style dog!  Cheers!

Princeton Soup and Sandwich Company
30 Palmer Square East
Princeton, NJ

Sun-Thurs: 8 am - 10 pm
Fri-Sat: 8 am - 11 pm

Phone:  609-497-0008
Fax: 609-497-0088

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