Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2006 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir Koplen Vineyard

This is always my favorite wine from the Kosta Browne Single Vineyard Designates, and this did not disappoint on Valentine's Day, popped and poured at cellar temp, though it did have a little time to warm up in the car on the way to Lambertville.

Gorgeous Kosta Browne nose with some sweet red cherry, raspberry, strawberry, and hints of baking spice.  Secondary nuances included just a hint of cola, vanilla, and some floral notes of violet.

On the palate, the alcohol is well integrated, and this wine is absolutely singing....singing to the point that I truly wish I had more of these in the cellar.    Great spicy fruits of raspberry and strawberry, but the cherry is again the star here.  Nice, sweet cherry fruit dominates, and it is absolutely delicious.  

Definitely a delicious wine, with a big mouthful.  The finish shows some supple, sweet tannins, and this wine has several years left ahead of it.  I can't imagine this wine getting much better, but I guess you just never know.  Regardless, this hit the spot today, and was enjoyed by all!  Cheers!  93 points!

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Anonymous said...

I cannot stand their wines....