Saturday, March 1, 2008

2003 Fiddlehead Cellars Pinot Noir Seven Twenty Eight Fiddlestix

What can I say about this wine other than incredible! This pinot has aged very nicely, and it probably still has a few years left before you will start to see a decline.

This was purchased at the Pennsauken Canal's on Route 38, with a sticker price of about $27. Absolutely worth it for the price, and I only wish they had more of this vintage...or older for that matter.

Nice dark ruby red in the glass, with a nose of big red fruits: raspberry, strawberry, cherries, and the smallest hint of earth or soil. On the palate, this wine explodes with gushes of cherry and dark fruit, more than likely plum. The finish is perfect, nice and medium in length, with more plum flavors and the slightest hint of cola.

All in all, a great drinker, that I would drink over the next 2 years, possibly up to 5 more years depending on how it is stored. 91 out of 100 points!

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