Wednesday, March 26, 2008

2004 Argyle "Nuthouse" Pinot Noir

This was the second bottle of the night, which we enjoyed on a very early Spring "Bistro Night" with the neighbors.

This wine is great already, but is definitely still young and could use some more time in the bottle. This was much more of an old world, Burgundy style pinot than the California styled fruit bombs, which I do enjoy very much by the way. Truth be told, I think this bottle could use another 5 years in the bottle, maybe even more, and then it will be fabulous.

Some cherries and a hint of spice, maybe even vanilla on the nose. Tons of sour cherry and plum, and some other dark fruits on the palate, with other hints of black fruits. The finish was not overly complex, but lingered for a good 20-30 seconds, with more hints of plum.

We still have one more of these in the cellar, and I will definitely purchase more of these, especially since they are currently on sale around the area for a tad under $40. I don't plan on revisiting this wine for another year or more, as I think it needs that time in the bottle to continue to evolve. I do think though that this will be a good wine to put in the cellar and forget you had for a few years!

Highly rated by in my book, and I would give it 91 points.

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