Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy Apple Inn - Imlaystown, NJ

Today Zelda and I took a drive to the tiny little village of Imlaystown, NJ, and had lunch at the Happy Apple Inn. The Happy Apple Inn is the only restaurant in Imlaystown, and pretty much the only attraction in Imlaystown. It is situated on a lovely lake, overlooking a waterfall. Upon walking up the the restaurant, it is a great looking old white farm house with black shutters and a nice wide front porch. Upon entering the restaurant, it is indeed an old farm house, and could use some updated decor. As you walk in, you will see a nice bar located to the left, and the dining room to the right. One thing I did find amusing was the carpet with a lovely apple woven into it, and the words "Happy Apple Inn" woven into the pattern throughout the restaurant. This was a cute touch, and one that has probably been there for 20 years. Being a Sunday, we found a lot of seniors frequenting the restaurant, to which they had some great senior specials. This is usually a good sign. I for one was not expecting the pricing that I saw on the menu, but we figured that it just may have been worth it. The staff was nice, but not overly friendly. We both enjoyed a nice ice cold Coca Cola, and I ordered the Nutty Pork at $22.95, while Zelda ordered the Chicken Saute' Jean at $21.95. Both of our lunches came with the salad bar, which we are not usually too fond of, but it was worth a shot. The salad bar did have a nice selection of iceberg lettuce, an your usual "salad bar type" items. The Parmesan peppercorn dressing was actually quite a treat, and the slice yourself french bread was stellar. Once our lunch arrived, we were both shocked at the size of the portions. My pork chop was stuffed with a homemade stuffing, containing onions, celery, and many other items that was very tasty. The pork was about 2 inches thick, and cooked to absolute perfection. Zelda's chicken was smothered in cheese and a great mushroom sauce, and had 3 good sized chicken breasts. We both have the twice baked potato on the side, and these too were awesome. Next time we want to check out the bar and bar menu, to see what kinds of other, more affordable selections they may have on there. Their wine list had a great selection surprisingly, including wines from Cakebread, BV, Grgrich, and some other decent names. They did also include bottles of Yellowtail, Glen Ellyn, and some other less desirable wines. All in all, it was a nice list. Overall, the food was excellent, and the potions were ridiculous. The service left just a tad to be desired, but it was a Sunday afternoon, and if I was waiting on a dining room full of seniors, I too may have been a little on the grumpy side.

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