Friday, March 28, 2008

RELEASE ALERT - Stefania Wines

It is an exciting day today to come home and find a letter from Stefanie Wines in the mailbox. If you have never heard of them, I highly suggest you sign up for their mailing list at:

Paul and Stefania are some of the nicest people I have ever dealt with in the wine world, and they are making damn nice quality wines to boot. This current release consists of:

2006 Eaglepoint Ranch Syrah
2.1 tons crushed on 10/11/06. Brix 25.0, pH 3.60
100% destemmed and not crushed. The fruit was again excellent and we sorted in the field. No additions were made this year and no water was required. We fermented with two different yeast strains in 3 one ton bins. Fermentation completed on 10/24/05 and the must was lightly pressed with 80% of the wine being free run.
The must was transferred to a total of 20% new French Oak and a mix of 1 year old, two year old, and neutral French and American Oak. It completed Malolactic Fermentation in the Spring of 2007
The wine is showing great color and a very fruit forward nose. It seems more open and floral early on than the 2005, with lots of fruit and spice. Total of 5 1/2 barrels, @ 135 cases
Release Scheduled: Spring of 2008.
Estimated price: 3 pack for $105, 6 pack for $200.

2006 Haut Tubee (named for the hot tub in our backyard)
3/4 tons crushed between 10/6 and 10/29. Brix 24.6, pH 3.60
A little bit of everything includes, 55 % Uvas Creek Cabernet Sauvignon, foot stomped at our harvest party and fermented in a 1/2 ton bin. 20% Syrah, Grenache and 5 clusters of Mourvedre from our yard. 20% Zinfandel from the Elandrich Vineyard. 4% Cabernet Sauvignon from Chaine D 'Or. 2% Syrah and Mourvedre from the OttiGurr Vineyard in San Jose. The lots were mostly fermented separately unless there wasn't enough of something, then it got thrown in together, and everything was pressed in our old basket press as it finished, then was transfered to stainless steel until everything was complete and could be moved in to barrel.
The must was transferred to one old French Barrel and one old 1/2 barrel. Jerry threw a dose of Cabernet Sauvignon from Chaine D'Or to top off the barrels and start Malolactic Fermintation. It completed Malolactic Fermentation in January of 2007
To quote Stefania as we transferred it into barrel, "This isn't bad hooch". It's actually pretty good wine, with nice color and a sweet fruit nose, fun to drink. It will likely be a "Gratis" gift for our friends and customers. Total of 1 1/2 barrels, @ 35cases
Release Scheduled: Spring of 2008.
Estimated price: 3 packs for $60.

After having their cab from the 2007 Fall release, I jumped all over this, took my full 6 bottle allocation of syrah, 3 bottle allocation of the Haut Tubee, and requested 3 extra bottles of the Haut Tubee, which Paul was kind enough to allocate to me! Thanks Paul.

All I can say, is that their cab is incredible, and I have yet to hear anything bad about any of their wines. People love them! If you are not on their list, sign up as soon as you can! They make very small quantities of wine, and their mailing list already has a lot of members. Is this going to be yet another California cult wine? Possibly, but unlike the cult wines, I don't see Paul and Stefania raising their prices like the cult wines. They are just that good of people and we tank them, and look forward to meeting them in the future!

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