Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kenmore Elite Model #77563 - The Two Month Update

So many have commented wanting to hear thoughts about the new Kenmore now that we have had it for a while. What can I say other than AWESOME, and how I wish we would have done this years ago. I cannot say enough good things about this appliance, and I could not be any happier...and I am sure that Zelda will agree. Unfortunately, I do not have a valid gripe at all. If I had to pick out one thing to complain about, it would have to be cleaning the stainless top. However, this really isn't a valid gripe as the stainless top was a want, not a necessity. We could have gone for a black top, but this looked more appealing to us, and I am happy we made the choice. Regardless, nothing a little stainless steel cleaner cannot take take of! As for what I really like about this appliance is the following, in no specific order whatsoever: 1) Looks: this thing looks awesome, and is now the show piece of our kitchen. It may not be a Viking, but it suits our kitchen well. Regardless if it looks like a restaurant grade appliance or not, I think that we made a great decision, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. 2) The cook top: I am really happy in the fact that the grates on the cook top are level all the way across. This actually created another work surface for us, and makes it easy to work with a cutting board on top, or a baking sheet. This is a bonus that I never would have thought of. 3) Burner output: I couldn't be any happier here! The dual ring burner boils water in a hurry, and this is a bonus. This burner also serves well as a simmer burner, although there is a simmer burner right behind it. The large center burner hasn't gotten much use yet, however, I think it will when the griddle plate comes, that I ordered from the coupon that came with the stove. The coupon I am referring to is an offer that was enclosed from Kenmore, and included a free griddle plate, broiler pan, broiler grill, broiler rack, and one other piece. In total, 5 accessories, and all you pay is $19.95 shipping and handling. This is supposed to arrive in 6-8 weeks, so it should be here any day now. I will post information about it when I receive it. 4) Convection: what can I say other than WOW! As far as I can remember, this is my first convection oven, and I find things to cook nicely, evenly, and quickly! How we got by without convection for so long is beyond me! 5) Baking: even when not in convection mode, and just using the standard baking mode, everything seems to cook nicely and evenly. This has been tested quite a bit to make dishes in the Le Crueset pots. So far, they have all been fantastic. The temperature seems to run pretty true based on the alternate thermometer we have been using in the oven as well. 6) Self cleaning mode: this works like a champ! Even after having pizza spit all over the bottom of the oven, as well as the juice from the short ribs, after a few (4 to be exact) hours in the self cleaning mode, it essentially turned anything stuck on to ash, and wiped up nicely. This is a awesome feature and I gotta tell you that it gets hot. The only downside is the burning smell, as well as the heat it creates, but this was nothing that an open window with a fan blowing out of it couldn't take care of. It wasn't terrible, but it was noticeable. 7) Touchscreen Display: I couldn't be any happier with the display on here. It's easy to use, it looks nice, and is easy to wipe clean. What else could you ask for. So that is a few positives. One thing however that I have not yet put to the test is the temperature probe. This is something that I look forward to trying in the future, and I think I got just the thing to try it with, the world famous "Flannery Midwestern Rib Cap." But that is another post all together, and stay tuned for my raving about Bryan and his company, Bryan's Fine Foods. So all in all, we could not be any happier with this investment, and if I had to do it all over again, for the money, I'd do it in a heartbeat. This is a great piece, and I look forward to many more years putting it to the test. More to come soon! Cheers!

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