Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oliver - A Bistro - Bordentown, NJ

At this point, it is almost pointless to post something about Oliver, as we have yet to ever have a bad experience there, but I figure it is worth giving Matt and his crew some kudos for yet another great meal and great service. Today Zelda and I popped in for lunch, and as usual the lunch crowd was hoppin' by 1PM. As usual, Bruce gave us some great service, and the bus boy, who's name I can never remember is just the nicest kid. For lunch, Zelda opted for a bowl of the "Old Faithful," which is a nice potato souped topped with cheddar cheese. She went for the bacon-less version as she usually does, and as always, the soup was good. We really need to get this recipe! For lunch, she opted for a crock of the mac and cheese, and this is always a pleaser, and great comfort food. It comes in a nice large crock, and could easily make for 2 meals. The top had a nice crust on it from the boiler, and topped with nice bread crumbs. I went out of my norm today and went for the crab cake sandwich. If there is one thing I am very picky about, it is crab cakes, but this was very nice. It was served on a nice croissant with some nice slaw, and the croissant had a really nice buttery flavor it it. he crab cake itself was almost as good as mine, and had great flavors. From the first time I had Matt's crab cakes until now, I have to say that Matt has them almost perfected. Unlike most places, he doesn't add a bunch of crazy colored vegetables as filler, and he used just the right amount of bread crumbs. Like my recipe, Matt wants you to taste the crab, and I think he is just a step away from the perfect crab cake. Unfortunately though, I can't quite pick out what will get him to 100%, but right now, he is at 99%! That said, keep up the great work Matt. After lunch we id a little shopping around Bordentown, as it such a cute little town before moving on and running some other errands. In short, yet another great meal at Oliver-A Bistro. Kudos to Matt and his crew, and to Bruce for the great service as always. Oliver is definitely worth the trip, and I highly recommend it for both lunch and dinner. Just don't forget that they are BYOB! Cheers!

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