Monday, January 25, 2010

Princeton Present Day Club - Wednesday October 6th, 2010

 I am very excited to share that I recently received and e-mail from the Program Co-Chair of the Present Day Club of Princeton, asking us to come and give a lunchtime meeting at their October 6th, 2010 meeting.

She would like us to come and meeting with their President over a glass of wine and a few of their members, then give a 1/2 hour presentation to 80-100 of their members on "Being a foodie," as well as writing restaurant reviews. From there, we will do a question and answer with their membership.

I can say that we are very excited, and all of our hardwork and dedication to visiting as many restaurants in the area, as well as maintaining this blog, and posting our reviews on Chowhound, Yelp, and many of the wine communities has paid off.

Zelda and I are truly humbled, and we hope that this is just the start of many new adventures to come. Stay tuned for the latest and greatest for this awesome opportunity! Cheers!


Marge said...

Hi guys,
Thanks for making us famous.

NJFoodies said...

Hi Marge: thanks so much for the note, and it is still beyond me as to why they chose to pick and publish the link to this particular blog entry, but it worked out well for you guys for sure! Any press is good press!

Thanks again for checking in, and we look forward to seeing you guys in October!

For the new visitiors, be sure to check out our mainpage at Cheers!