Monday, January 25, 2010

Rhys-Alesia Release ALERT - January 26th 2010

Email just landed a few days ago, and ordering opens tomorrow, January 26th. The email indicated quantities are quite limited. The wines: 2007 Rhys Alpine Vineyard Pinot Noir $49 2007 Rhys Alpine Hillside Pinot Noir $59 2007 Rhys Swan Terrace Pinot Noir $69 2007 Rhys Horseshoe Vineyard Pinot Noir $59 2007 Alesia Green Valley Pinot Noir $44 2006 Alesia Fairview ranch Syrah $25 Make sure you log in tomorrow to see what you were allocated! For those of you not signed up for their mailing list, this is one that I highly recommend. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as though I have the funds, so my allocation will be up for grabs if any of you locals would like to get in on this offer. Cheers!

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