Friday, April 9, 2010

2006 Auteur Pinot Noir Manchester Ridge

Grabbed this one by accident today, thinking it was an '07. Guess I should have looked closer, but wanted to age this one another 3-5 years before re-visiting, alas, we had to pop it when we got to the K Fusion. Popped and poured, with a nice nose of cherry and sweet creamy vanilla.

On the palate, the fruit was very subdued, and once again shows that my reasoning in wanting cellar this wine for a few more years would have paid off. Bummer. Some hints of sour cherry and strawberry, with a bit of pomegranate. The finish was short, but pleasant. By the end of dinner, the wine was starting to open up and strut it’s stuff. Re-corked and put in the cellar over night, it kind of fell apart over night which I found surprising. This wine definitely has the potential for some pleasant greatness, but if I had anymore, I would hold them for another 3-5 years. Very disappointed that this one got popped so early, but it’s my own fault for not looking at the label closer.

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