Thursday, April 1, 2010

2008 Warburn Estate Shiraz Premium Reserve

This wine was given to us by a friend who received it from the NY Times Wine Club. Nose gave up virtually nothing other than alcohol and subtle hints of plum and eucalyptus. The palate was nothing but cherry flavored, in the words of Chris Rock, "Tussin." There were some fruity elements, but it was pretty muh just a discombobulated mess. The finish had some bite, with some alcohol, and overall, it just was not a pleasant wine to me. 70 points, and I think that is being a point or two generous, but hey, at least this bottle is off of my wine inventory. One down, another 100 or so wines to thin out. This ain't Grange! Cheers!

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Artisan Vineyards said...

Its really unfortunate that every wine can't be superb. It seems that once you have tasted some really good wines that it becomes even easier to spot the "bad" ones.

Always good to see honest reviews. :)