Saturday, April 3, 2010

Surf Taco - Mansquan, NJ

You know that Spring is here when it is Surf Taco time in Manasquan.  This morning, we had to get up for an early funeral in Brielle, to pay our respects to Zelda's good childhood friends grandmother "Mayme," and afterwards, we figured we'd stop at Surf Taco for lunch.  This is usually one of our stops on the way to the beach over the summer, and it is how we know that summer is here.  That being said, we were both excited to visit today.

Both Zelda and I ordered the famous Surf Taco, she going for the original, and myself going for the Baja Surg Taco.  The original Surf Taco is cod battered in tempura topped with shredded cabbage, Pico de Gallo, white cilantro sauce and a squeeze of lime.  The Baja Surf Taco however is Fresh Cod battered in tempura topped with shredded cabbage, chipotle mayo, avocado sauce, baja salsa & a squeeze of lime in a double corn tortilla.  Zelda stated that hers was great, while mone on the other hand could have been a lot warmer.  Unfortunately, the cod was luke warm at best, however all the flavors were there, and it was still tasty.  Had it been right out of the fryer, it would have been awesome.

Zelda also opted for a bean and cheese burrito,which too had good flavors, and was piping hot.  I went for the quesedilla with onion and peppers, and it was great.  The grilled vegetables added some really nice flavors to the what would normally be a pretty plain and boring quesedilla. 

Finally, we ordered some chips and cheese on the side, and these were tasty, with nice melted cheese.

This is just a start, and I will finish the rest of this entry soon.  Cheers!   -F. Scott


John and Lisa Howard-Fusco said...

Surf Taco is one of our regular places to grab a quick meal that's also healthier for the kids than (insert name of fast food place here). - John

Clarke Thomas said...

the salmon fish taco (on the chalk board to the left) always seems to come out warmer than the standard fish tacos.

btw, try the carne asada (special) taco nex time as well