Saturday, April 3, 2010

Non Vintage Gianluca Viberti Langhe Dionisio

As you can tell, I am trying to drink down our cellar, and get rid of a lot of cheaper wines we have bought on impulse.  This is one of those wines that falls into this category, but really, at $6.99, this isn't a bad buy in the least.

Both the nose and the palate really reminded me of a $10-15 Bordeaux for some reason, which is not a bad thing considering what this wine actually cost. Not a lot on the nose other than a ton of alcohol, a bit of red fruit, a lot of oak, and the smallest hint of brett. Some slight hints of pencil led, slate, and currants are what really reminded me of a cheap Bordeaux.  Call me crazy, but if tasting this blind, I would have guessed it were a cheap Bordeaux, or maybe even a Chateanuef from the nose alone.  Some minor strawberry nuances showed on the nose as well, but I think the alcohol dominated everything else, but maybe it just needed more time.  Being non-vintage, I guess we may never know.

It was a bit strange though, and didn’t remind me of an Italian wine in the least. Maybe the other bottles will show differently if we ever decide to give it a whirl again.  I am sure there is some bottle variation here as this is a mass produced wine.

On the palate, nothing really shines though, but this is a decent table wine after a few hours in the glass for the alcohol to blow off. Not a bad quaffer for the money, and like I said, a decent table wine. Blows $2 Chuck out of the water any day of the week, and would be a perfect table wine for guests with pizza. Cheers

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