Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2006 Chateau Corbin

Great Bordeaux, but I have no idea what it cost since Zelda bought it on the way to the airport in Paris. Gifted to her parents, and they brought it to dinner tonight at Ted's on Main. Great berry nose, with some hints of oak. This wine smells absolutely delicious. On the palate, you can tell this wine is still young, but nice raspberry, with hints of strawberry and plum maybe? Some minerality to this wine in my opinion, with a nice medium body, but a rather short finish. Regardless, this would make an outstanding house wine or daily drinker. Definitely needs some time in the bottle to improve, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with this now, and we just popped and poured with no decant. Wish we had more, or knew where we could find more stateside. We need more Bordeaux like this one...tasty, and affordable! 87 points! Cheers!

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