Thursday, January 29, 2009

2006 Tobin James Malbec

Popped and poured at Delorenzo's in Robbinsville, NJ tonight. You would never in a million years guess taht this is a Malbec if tasting it blind in the first 15 minutes this wine was in the glass. Nice color in the glass, but wasn't as dark as your typical Malbec. On the nose, nice hints of dark fruits, cinammon, and nutmeg. Great feel on the palate with nice hints of spice and clove, along with some nice dark fruits once again. Nice finish, and a great wine. This is a lot different from South American Malbec in my opinion, but leave it to Tobin James to take it over the top. What a joyous wine to drink! Only wish we had more. More notes to come when I get a chance. 88 points. Cheers!

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