Thursday, January 22, 2009

Delorenzo's Tomato Pies - Hudson Street Trenton (01/18) -vs- Robbinsville (01/22)

So within the course of a week, we did and old school comparison of the two best Delorenzo's Tomato Pies. Yes, I prposely did not include Hamilton Avenue Trenton on there. Why? Because it just isn't the same. So what is the different between the two other than one being in Trenton and one being in Robbinsville you ask? I think that Gary said it best Saturday night when we were in Trenton: "Two salads and two bathrooms!" Pretty funny, and it is always great to visit Hudson Street, although they have kind of been snubbed on us since the new store opened.

Gary's son Sam is running the new Robbinsville location, and he is doing a great job over there, If I had to say who had a better pie, it would be a toss up. They are both the best in the world, and always delicious at both locations. Some might take offense to that, but kudos to Sammy and his staff for making as good of a pie as the original. It just doesn't get any better than either location!

But when it comes to ambiance, Robbinsville definitely has the upper hand. Yes, they have a few salads on the menu, they have 2 bathrooms, new plates, and even have wine glasses. The store is gorgeous, it's bigger, and has a great vibe...and Anthony is the second best server in NJ behind Bruce-y Boy at Oliver-A Bistro!

Hudson Street on the other hand is nostalgic, and it is always a pleasure to see Gary. Sure, they have no bathroom, no fancy salads, no wine glasses, etc. But Gary is a staple, the location is staple, and it's a great place to go, and a pleasure to visit.

So in short, you can't go wrong at either, and no matter which you visit, you are going to enjoy the best pie you have ever had, and the best you ever will. Kudos to the gang, and keep up the great work! It's always a pleasure, and great to see the new store thriving! Thanks!

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