Thursday, July 22, 2010

2005 Tobin James Cabernet Sauvignon Silver Reserve

Popped and poured tonight with a tomato pie, and another classic Tobin James wine.  Nice nose with all kinds of jammy dark fruits.  Plenty of currants, blueberry, blackberry, black cherry and raspberry, with some creamy vanilla that I attribute to the oak.  Some subtle spice rounded out the nose, along with minor hints of cassis, pomegranate and cranberry.  There was a lot going on on the nose here, including some oak that seems to have integrated nicely with some bottle time.  On the palate, once again, another big fruit bomb from Toby and Lance.  Tons of jammy, dark fruits dominate the palate, but there really is no shining star.  The oak and alcohol were subtle, and the finish was short and to the point.  These wines are always fun to drink, but I think my palate is moving away from these big over extracted fruit bombs.  We'll see.  86 points.

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