Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Backyard Bistro - by F. Scott and Zelda Fitz

As many of you know, Zelda and I love to entertain.  Not only do we enjoy sharing great wine with good friends, but we love to cook.

With Zelda and many of her creative French bistro inspired dishes, to her simple and absolutely tasty comfort foods, we just really enjoy spending time in the kitchen.  My specialties are simpleties like Maryland Crab Cakes, to shrimp scampi, but most recently things from the smoker.  Regardless of what we are making, we just love to cook.

So with that said, nothing says summer like dinner with friends on the deck, and this year we have created a new outdoor dining room in what we call the "backyard bistro."

So here are a few pics, and stay tuned as I add more pictures, as we add new elements to our outdoor dining room, and as the gorgeous gardens grow in!  Cheers!  -F. Scott


Bill said...

Looks amazing!!! what town are you in?

Frank Nerney said...

F Scott & Zelda

Congratulations on creating such a beautiful backyard. The pictures speak volumes. You can just see the blood, sweat and tears you guys put into creating such a gorgeous and inviting space.

I'm beginning to think there must be 7 or 8 of you and not just two. You are dining, working, drinking great wines, blogging and you still find time to creat the BackYard Bistro!! Put me down as SUPER impressed!


NJFoodies said...

Thanks a million for the compliments! It's definitely hard to make the time, and working on the backyard this year definitely cut into our foodie and wine adventures, but it was truly worth it.

The pergola was our biggest new addition this year,as last year my big project was tripling the size of the little pond that we originally had.

Thankfully, we are done for the most part, and it is time to relax, and enjoy the fruits of our hard work!

Thanks again for the compliments, and if you are ever in Princeton and want a garden tour, just say the word! Cheers!