Friday, July 23, 2010

Toscano Ristorante - Bordentown, NJ

After an incredibly insane day at work, and having to work a 14-18 hour day tomorrow, we headed into Bordentown for some comfort foods at the bar at Toscano in Bordentown.  We walked in and were pleasantly surprised to find room at the bar.  We sat and the bartender immediately grabbed us some drinks.  Zelda going for a Tanqueray and tonic, and I opted for a Blue Moon from the tap.  Sometimes it is just too hot outside to drink vino, and tonight was one of those nights.
We sat at the bar perusing the menu.  Sometimes we’ll do a few apps, while other times we’ll do an app, salad, and then split an entrée.  Tonight, Zelda went for the chicken parm which is as good as anywhere.  I on the other hand was feeling some fresh seafood, and went for the linguini with fresh clams and shrimp.
It couldn’t have even been 2 minutes and our salads came out.  Nice lettuce with fresh vegetables in a nice, light house dressing.  Add some fresh cracked pepper to this, and it makes for a nice palate pleaser while we waited for dinner to come out.  Not even 15 minutes later our dinner came out, and as always, the portions were monsters.
Zelda’s chicken breast looked like it came from a small dog!  I would really love to see how big this chicken was, as it was a huge piece of chicken pounded flat, but with a nice meatiness to it, not your paper thin chicken breast to say the least. This was served over some pencil points covered in marina sauce, with the chicken parm on topped, smothered in melted mozzarella cheese and topped with some parm.  As always, this was delicious, and more than most humans can eat in one sitting.  The flavors were nice, and it was cooked perfectly with a nice crispness to it.  The sauce is always well seasoned, and this is Italian comfort food at its best.
My pasta came out in a giant bowl, and the shrimp were monsters!  4 large shrimp, deveined nicely, giving them that good curl and meatiness to them when they were cooked.  These could not have been cooked any better, and they were tender and succulent.  The clams were also very well cooked, and were plump and sweet right out of the shell.  The pasta was then covered with some chopped clams, and the sauce was a whole lot of creamy garlic goodness!  Very thinly sliced chunks of garlic topped the entire dish, and this truly gave the broth it’s great flavor.  What is there to say other than awesome about this dish, and I could eat it once a week with no problem.
In short, another good meal at the bar at Toscano, with good food and good service as always.  I look forward to our next trip back!  Cheers!  -F. Scott

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